PHP Development – Our Specialty, Your Advantage

PHP Development – Our Specialty, Your Advantage

What do Facebook and Harvard University have in common? Far more than just Mark Zuckerberg. At their core, their web presence is built on a PHP platform. This same general-purpose scripting language is at the core of Wikipedia, Flickr, Yahoo! Answers, and multiple government agencies.


As a PHP development company, we’re often asked why we’re so focused. There are so many web languages out there, many of which are widely popular from ASP to ColdFusion to Flash to Java. Yet we choose PHP and only PHP. Why? We think it’s rather simple:

  1. Open Source: Everyone’s starting to hear about the Cloud. The open source programming world is the Cloud at its finest. Backend code is shared, non-proprietary, and largely free to build upon. For years, custom development came with additional licensing fees. Less expensive options are now available utilizing the rules of sharing that we all learned in Kindergarten.
  2. Easy Integration of Other Tools: Built with the idea of shared knowledge in mind, PHP easy can integrate 3rd party tools from Google maps to PayPal to social media plugins. No matter how simple or complex a website, these applications can greatly enhance the user experience.
  3. Scalability: With modules that can be applied in stages and a backend system that can easily be amended and built upon, PHP offers scalability welcome to those who would prefer to create or enhance their site in phases.
  4. Speed & Flexibility: With a community of developers working within PHP, no one company or one programmer needs to create every desired enhancement on their own. Libraries of pre-built modules allow for greater speed and flexibility in website design and usability.
  5. Code Collaboration: In this Cloud environment, developers can work together building upon one another’s ideas, thus creating stronger and savvier website possibilities. One company can only produce so much. The collaborating international community of PHP programmers continues to produce novel concepts and tools, furthering the potential of what a website can do.
  6. The Future: The popularity of many proprietary languages may rise and fall with the strength of their parent companies, but PHP is less limited in this way. Created in 1994 and enhanced across the world since that time, this language is a fundamentally Internet-aware system, evolving in scope and functionality with the developers that use it.

There’s that saying, “Jack of all trades, master of none.” PHP in itself is a varied, complex language. Its possibilities expand every day that goes by. What a limitless world of coding opportunities. Why use anything else?