Richmond’s Next Online Store – The Contest Continues

Our Bedrock Shops Free Online Store Contest is at its midway point. Five have entered; one will win. We at Petrofy are excited to give Richmond another venue to shop local. If you haven’t yet voted, make sure you do so soon. Voting closes on Friday, June 14th. (To vote, click on the contest link on our Facebook page here. You must “like” Bedrock Shops to see vote updates or to cast your vote.)

Bedrock Shops: Online Store SolutionsWho are the entries, you ask? Let these shops answer in their own words:

1. Alchemists Books & Gifts – “Alchemy is the ancient art that sought to transmute base metals into gold, and to discover the elixir for everlasting life. In modern times, it has become a metaphor for transformation – for raising one’s consciousness from the mundane to the spiritual – “from lead to gold.” Alchemists is a wonderful bookstore and resource center that is devoted to making available books and gifts for transformation.  Located in Stony Point Fashion Park, Alchemists Books & Gifts provides a serene and lovely environment for the enhancement of personal and spiritual growth and self-empowerment, making opportunities available to expand our boundaries through transformational books, gifts, lectures, and workshops in a supportive, non-judgmental atmosphere.”

2. Buffy’s Goodies– “Buffy’s Goodies was founded in 2012 by closet baker, Rebekah L. Pierce, almost by accident. Pierce is a playwright and was searching for a creative and fun way to raise funds for a production of one of her plays in New York. Taught to bake from scratch as a young girl, Pierce had been baking cookies and cupcakes for her family for years. “I remember scraping the jar of peanut butter to get enough to make the peanut butter cookies my mother was preparing. That was a way my mother showed us love – baking homemade cookies and cakes from old recipes handed down from my grandmother,” recalls Rebekah. Creativity in one area often opens up the floodgates to other areas. Buffy’s Goodies is about giving and sharing love. “My motto is there are no calories in a sweet treat made from love.” Buffy’s delivers locally, but can also ship desserts.”

3. Chop Suey Books – “Chop Suey Books was started in 2002 and has been providing excellent service to Richmond and beyond ever since. Our original location at 1317 West Cary Street was the former home of George’s Chop Suey, a neighborhood restaurant/watering hole that lasted through the early 1970s. Their rusted sign was still attached to the side of the wall, so we adopted the name. Of course, “Chop Suey” refers to a dish of food, though the phrase is an Americanization of the Mandarin “Za Sui,” meaning “a little bit of this, a little bit of that.” This translation applies perfectly to Chop Suey Books’ vision of combining a solid collection of gently used literature, art, photography, architecture, design, philosophy, poetry, theater, film, and so on.”

4. Pieces Boutique & Consignment – “At Pieces our focus is affordable fashion and less waste to our environment. We incorporate funky western prep with a modern day folk style, bringing “prep” to Richmond. Our mission is to support the environment & provide customers with unique and affordable options. To support the environment and further promote reuse, all of our clothes are displayed on 100% bamboo racks. In addition, every time you use a non-woven recyclable bag or “opt out” of a plastic bag with your purchase, we will give 5 cents for you to keep or give to the charity of your choosing. We are located on the corner of Brunswick & Main, in Historic Uptown Richmond.”

5. Very Richmond Gallery & Gifts – “Just two blocks from the Virginia State Capitol is a store that brings Richmond to your home. Very Richmond Gallery & Gifts, located in the Atrium of the James Center in Richmond’s historic Shockoe Slip, is a store committed to all things Richmond and Virginia. We hold this commitment by scouring the state for the finest products: food, wine, and other hand-crafted items from Virginia. Our gifts include artisan candy; peanuts and snack mixes, crab seasonings and blends from the Chesapeake Bay area; wines from vineyards across the region; and unique photographs and artwork by local Richmond artists – we are sure to have what it takes to make your home Very Richmond.”

Local shops are what make our community unique, and these five stores showcase Richmond’s diversity, personality, and culture. As of June 1st, Pieces is in the lead by two votes, but there’s still plenty of time left. Good luck to the competitors! The winner will be announced soon.

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