Petrofy’s Online Store Solutions

Let Customers Shop Local From Home 

Petrofy is excited to announce the launch of Bedrock Shops, an affordable, online store solution for small businesses interested in expanding their presence on the web.

In 2013, people want to shop local, but they also want to shop from the convenience of their living room couch. Online storefronts can capitalize on this trend. Over the years, your customers have come to rely on your quality and expertise. Why not take that relationship one step further on the web? For small businesses, eCommerce solutions allow for a significant growth opportunity, continuing the character and attention to detail customers expect, while expanding one’s convenience factor exponentially.

Introducing ecommerce packages through Midlothian WebThe Digital Mom & Pop Shop

They were the soul of Mayberry and many of our childhoods: the independently owned hardware store that smelled like nails and sawdust, the clothing boutique with its wide display windows tailored for every season, the toy store with its train set whistling around the ceiling bends, the candy shop with free samples of fudge… Long before Wal-Mart and Target, before Home Depot and Lowe’s, there was the neighborhood mom and pop shop. Big Box stores may have changed the retail landscape in recent years, but a new shift has begun. Customers want a shopping cart at their fingertips.

Having an online store reinforces the relationships small businesses have already fostered, allowing customers to always visit you first, whether physically or virtually. Independent, local shops are making a comeback in a digital mom and pop revolution. It’s an exciting time that we live in. Pride in one’s community now blends with ease of experience to establish a new retail norm.

The Simple, Affordable Online Storefront

Moreover, joining the online retail space is not as expensive as business owners might guess. Yes, a shop could hire a development team to build an online store, inventory system, and shipment methodology from scratch. But small businesses already have enough to juggle. Now, they have a more realistic option.

Bedrock Shops takes the complexity out of the equation and the price point to a more manageable level. With three packages to choose from starting at $49.95/month, a range of eCommerce solutions are ready for use. In addition, our a la carte services enable small business owners to further personalize the online store experience – from product descriptions and social media to professional design packages and SEO.

Shop Local, Buy Local – A Trend to Capitalize On

Shop Local Saturday should not just be one day of the year. And shopping local does not have to mean jumping in the car or even leaving the house. Twenty-first century technologies allow for a new avenue of revenue and customer satisfaction, all while supporting hometown merchants. Small businesses are the bedrock of the community. Petrofy‘s Bedrock Shops is happy to support these ventures as we build online stores to capitalize on the trending buy local mentality.

Have any questions? The Petrofy Team is at your service.