Author Website Development

Author Website Development

Author Website Development & Consultations

Between Kris Spisak’s experience in the publishing industry and Frank Petroski’s in the web development world, Midlothian Web Solutions is excited to offer website development and consulting services especially designed for authors. Being a professional author in the twenty-first century means a lot more than just being a writer at your keyboard. A strong writer’s website is an essential part of the author platform.

We specialize in developing author websites that:

  • Establish/Reinforce your author brand
  • Emphasize your professionalism
  • Integrate your author newsletter sign-up
  • Enable easy give-aways
  • Highlight media spotlights and/or book club kits
  • Maximize your SEO and website security
  • And more

Is your web presence as an author living up to its potential?

Connect with us to learn more about our work with writing professionals.